6 Point Media for Tom Hanks’ Electric City

Directed by Joel Trussell, esteemed client 6 Point Media designed and animated all of Tom Hanks’ new show, “Electric City.”

The first hour, consisting of 10 episodes, went online Tuesday, July 17 at Yahoo’s video site, Yahoo! Screen, with the remaining episodes going up Wednesday and Thursday.

The project was created by Hanks and co-produced with his Playtone associates Bo Stevenson and Josh Feldman. Hanks himself oversaw production which took place at Six Point’s Hollywood animation studio.

The Six Point animation and editorial team worked closely with the Playtone team to shape the series. Production finished last summer and then Playtone sought a releasing partner and eventually teamed up with Yahoo. Six Point Media’s commercial director Joel Trussell, also widely known for his music video work, took on the directing role and worked closely with Hanks and a Six Point harness’s storyboard and design team to achieve the look of the show. It is hoped by all involved parties that having such a widely known player as Hanks at the helm of an internet-based project will do some of the heavy lifting toward moving more original content development into the webisphere.

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