“I Want to Say” from Peter Sorcher + Bodega is the Best. Project. Ever.

This just in: SHOOT recognizes “I Want To Say” in year end wrap-up.
“As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time for reflection on many fronts, including assessing what work was among the year’s most worthwhile creatively, and which in the process managed to strike a responsive chord with viewers.
While much of our rundown will focus on the best of our Top Spots and “The Best Work You May Never See” entries through the course of 2012, SHOOT editors felt compelled to first single out a piece of longer-form fare that emerged from the ad/marketing sector, most notably a project that played without much fanfare on the awards show circuit yet which arguably was among the year’s most profoundly positive work in terms of its impact on society.”

Amazing labor of love for BODEGA, Director Peter Sorcher, EP Clint Goldman and Goodby for their client HP and the Hacking Autism initiative.

Here’s the coverage in Creativity

Short-listed for Cannes Titanium.

Now in festivals…1st place winner in the Overcoming Obstacles category for the 2012 MY HERO International Film Festival. Hoo-Rah!