Northern Lights / Super Exploder Clean Up At AICE Camp Kuleshov

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 9.21.02 PM

What could be more scary than a group of high school ghosts terrorizing a small town? That’s the premise of “Screwloose,” the horror film re-imagined by Northern Lights Assistant Editor Jon Simpson that won First Prize at the 2013 AICE New York Camp Kuleshov trailer editing contest. The winners were announced, and prizes awarded, at an event in New York last night.

In his entry, Simpson took the original “Footloose” story about a city kid who helps a bunch of teens in an uptight rural town find their dancing feet and turned it into a story of the tormented souls of doomed teens wrecking havoc. The trailer features extensive use of quick-cut editing and a variety of visual effects designed to change the tone from upbeat to scary.

Aaaaaand, this year for the first time, assistant audio engineers were invited to compete. Their challenge was to create a completely new sound design for the chariot race sequence from “Ben-Hur.” The winner: Brady Hearn of SuperExploder, who re-scored the sequence as a Sci/Fi Thriller.

Northern Lights is now the only company to win first place 3 times in the competition’s 10 year run. Just sayin.

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