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Northern Lights editor Glenn Conte cuts down Cop Show for cutup Colin Quinn

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Our very own Glenn Conte, editor at Northern Lights Edit is cutting all the episodes of comedian Colin Quinn’s new satirical web series, COP SHOW. Great review from the NY Times follows and you can click the image below to watch the premiere episode. Congrats Glenn! Review: ‘Cop Show,’ Colin Quinn’s Police Procedural Satire By MIKE HALE Feb. 17, 2015 The comedian Colin Quinn is a cunning self-deprecator: He makes fun of his own middling level of fame with an …

Original’s David Wild Finds Sunshine in the “Darkest Day” in New Campaign for Ford

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Even on the shortest day of the year, the owners of Ford hybrid and electric cars are able to draw enough energy from the sun to power their vehicles according to an uplifting new ad for the automaker. Directed by Original’s David Wild for Team Detroit, Happy Solstice profiles three real-life people—an engineer from Michigan, a public relations executive from New York and an author from Vermont—who charge their plug-in hybrid Ford vehicles using home-based solar energy systems. Each is …

MindOverEye profiled in SourceEcreative Rastermasters Special Feature

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From its home base in automotive work, the fast-growing company is expanding boldly into new product, content and media categories. Of course, that description fits a lot of things besides Martian land craft and muscle cars. Just about any consumer electronic gadget would fit nicely, as would any manner of recreational gizmo that has a modern, high-tech and ultra-sleek look to it. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what your hero product might be. When it comes to finding new ways …

Photographer/Director Sandro Miller recreates famous portraits with John Malkovich

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Renowned photographer Sandro Miller, who we proudly represent for spots at SEED MEDIA ARTS, has worked together with legendary Hollywood A-Lister John Malkovich many times, but when Miller wanted to celebrate the photography greats that had inspired and guided him, he had to do something special. So he, with Malkovich as his dashing unisex model, recreated some of those influential photographers’ most important portraits in a photo series called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters.” The series puts both …

Bodega brings the house down again for NBC Sports and Sunday Night Football

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New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company Bodega creative director Haley Geffen and Northern Lights editor Alan Chimenti team up with NBC Sports Group and NBC Sports VP Creative Director/Director Tripp Dixon for the third season running to deliver full-throttle football excitement in the 1:50 open for NBC’s Sunday Night Football (SNF). The open, featuring Carrie Underwood and many NFL stars including Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, LeSean McCoy and Colin Kaepernick, debuted September 7th on Sunday Night Football’s Colts vs. Broncos …

Integrated one-stop shop Mind Over Eye smokes it up for Jaguar

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