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Andrew. Rossi. #DocRockStar

Andrew Rossi is a super talented doc filmmaker. First came on our radar with the amazing “Page One” featuring (we miss him every day) David Carr and Brian Stelter. “Page One” was nominated for two News & Documentary Emmys and a 2011 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Documentary Next up, “Ivory Tower.” The film was […]

The New Hollywood: Why Brands Are Making Movies

In 2015 the brand film floodgates finally opened. Prada-owned Miu Miu, American Girl, and Cornetto ice cream—three brands in very different verticals—all released high-quality short films this past year. In October, JetBlue premiered HumanKinda, which runs 16 minutes. In November, Johnnie Walker released The Gentleman’s Wager II, an 11-minute movie starring Jude Law. These examples […]

Symbicort from Ffake + Mike Smith

From esteemed client ffake and the awesome Mike Smith, A charming update with Gramps and his wife and his two princess granddaughters. Enjoy the party with Symbicort! Client: AstraZeneca Product: Symbicort Agency: JWT NY