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“Dick Figures,” #1 on amazon yesterday in pre-sales!

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Dick Figures: The Movie, was #1 on Amazon yesterday in pre-sales. It was out everywhere on GooglePlay, YouTube, iTunes, AMAZON as well as through its distributor MondoMedia’s own site. The popular web series also begins its fifth season with over 300 million YouTube views under its belt.

Congrats 6 Point!

Even Repubs Have To Admit – But They Won’t Haha – This Is Well Done

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We’re non-partisan (Not) but we have to vote for Why Obama Now, written and directed by Lucas Grey

Why did Lucas make “Why Obama Now”?

“When the narrative began to circulate that Obama supporters were disillusioned and ambivalent about a second term, I decided to make a video to counter that storyline.

I took myself out of the storyboard lineup at The Simpsons and Family Guy, and devoted the next 3+ months to making the campaign video that I would want to see.

Once I’d created all the assets, some friends were inspired enough to pitch in with some of the animating.

I think of the result as a love letter to the textbook graphs of my youth, and to the potential for a beautiful future.


We proudly represent Lucas out of 6 Point Media

6 Point Media for Tom Hanks’ Electric City

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Directed by Joel Trussell, esteemed client 6 Point Media designed and animated all of Tom Hanks’ new show, “Electric City.”

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Corky Quakenbush, doin what he does.

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Not to be immodest, but Corky holds the record for number of films screened from a single director at the Sundance Film Festival (nine). Numerous festivals have honored Corky in the form of tributes, retrospectives and awards. HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen honored him with a “Best Of” program. His work has also appeared theatrically in compilations such as Mike Judge’s The Animation Show.
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David Russo "I Am Not van Gogh"

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I Am (Not) van Gogh premiered in Europe at Clermont-Ferrand, and won the “Juror’s Choice Award” (top prize) at the Black Maria Festival, as well as Critics Jury Prize at Huesca Int’l and Grand Prix at 25fps in Zagreb. The film has also been picked up for European broadcast by Canal +, and 20 35mm prints were purchased by the French Ministry of Culture for theatrical distribution throughout France. It is currently touring around the world as part of Resfest.

David Russo gives us a shock and a warning

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Director/designer David Russo warns about the dangers of cutting copper wire, both physically and legally, in this PSA from American Electric Power.