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Who Knew We’d Have A Chance To Do This Much Good?

When we started talking with Manifesto we thought they were a “normal” Production Company. But Michele Clarke!

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In 2014, Michele founded Project 0, a global campaign to restore the health of the ocean. Project 0 launched to the public in December 2015 with a concert in London that featured music from Ronnie Wood, Bernard Fowler, Mick Taylor, Doug Wimbish, The Strypes, Will Heard and Hidden Charms, a short talk by Cara Delevingne and members of the ocean conservation community. The event was attended by London’s most influential and fashionable crowd and garnered enormous press and praise. Project 0 will continue to build and grow with the aim of putting 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030 (currently only 2.8% is under any form of protection). To learn more, go to

This – Thursday, Jun 8 – We wouldn’t miss it, hope you can join us. Will be A M A Z I N G

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When we started talking with Manifesto we thought it was likely a “normal” Production Company. But then…Bernard Fowler!
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