Little Fluffy Clouds Designs a Superhero

Little Fluffy Clouds designed and animated a new personal spokespiggy, Cashius for online financial advisor Personal Capital. When you need personal cash head to Personal Capital and ask for Cashius !

From LFC’s Betsy DeFries: The little guy who could zooming around on no less than a backdrop of pink clouds. Our kind of guy! One of the great things we at Little Fluffy Clouds love about working in animation is the infinite number of characters you get to develop and the infinite number of ways you get to bring those characters to life, imbuing each and every one with life-like expression and creative creature qualities. And even though Cashius is only on-screen for :15 seconds he has a presence that far outlives his brief moment on the stage.

And for all you aficionados of animation and how it’s done we created a unique lively and informative, making-of intro in front of the :15 second spot. Many making-of’s are fairly static and to be honest a little prosaic but this one is as fun as Cashius himself who cried out to have his heroic abilities lit up in an extra special way. This playful all-media spot was made for San Francisco’s own, Cabinet TV, an independent collective of minds and skillsets who love to hear and tell stories and exist to collaborate with their clients.

Google Storybook – Light 2 Night via Little Fluffy Clouds

Personal Capital Cashius

For this proof of concept project for Google, Little Fluffy Clouds was tasked with imagining a new kind of children’s storybook using forward thinking technology that is both creative and commercially viable. This book would be physical with a hardback cover and pages that turn and be in every way one that could be read in the traditional way.

Our idea was to imagine the experience as a child would, to step inside that world, and change the entire reading experience for children. This would mean not simply to add a small element to the Google Storybook but to add many elements changing the perspective that encompasses their world.

A special moment occurs when a child goes to bed and the light is turned off. The child’s entire world changes. Often children are afraid of the dark and nightlights are left on to help them feel safe. We asked ourselves – how could we make this moment feel magical and not scary?  The Google Storybook aims to hand control of this special time to the child and with unique magical properties focus bedtime into a fun and inspiring experience – one that allows dreams to spark little imaginations. Employing the traditional storybook concept we envision a complete immersive experience based on two separate but interconnected worlds – day and night.

This is a traditional storybook with characters and adventures some that can be seen only during the day but more that can be seen only at night. The daytime narrative hints at and gives clues to events with even more special characters and adventures that take place specifically when a child goes to bed.


Embedded within each page will be a layer of Electroluminescence Ink. EL-ink emits light in response to the passage of a low-level current from a regular battery. By sequencing these tiny currents we can illuminate small parts of the image at a certain moment to create an animation. On top of this EL layer is a mask to shape this light in precise forms and on top of that is a semi transparent colored film that holds the illustration. Sensors in the book keeps track of which page is open and if the room is light or dark. Yet even with all this technology, the book still looks and feels like a physical book with a beautiful cover and pages that are a little thicker yet still flexible so although packed with technology the book is indistinguishable from a traditional storybook.


In addition to the book we imagine two more components to complete this experience – a magic lantern and luminescent stickers to be placed on the walls.

At bedtime the child spots the lantern softly glowing like a night light on the bedside table. This lantern will illuminate images from the story and the characters they have previously met in the book via the luminescent stickers placed previously in the room. When the child touches the lantern it glows brighter and each and every page of the book including the cover lights up. This perceptible wink is the invitation for the child to pick up the lantern and explore the room to see the luminescent stickers. When the child opens the book they find the characters there again but now in the nighttime setting and telling a different story, one that is special taking place only when the room is dark. The pages of the Google Storybook have come to life.

Imagine, as part of the storyline, a child is encouraged to step through a particular page of the book and as their fingertips touch the page the footprint or tracks of their favorite character begin to walk them through to where the next event is embedded for them to see. With the magic lantern and the magic book the child controls the night. Bedtime is now something to look forward to and be excited about.


Rodeo Show Signs Director Aaron Kodz

We’re happy to announce that director Aaron Kodz has joined the roster at LA-based Rodeo Show, his first U.S. commercial representation.

Kodz began his career on a cinematography trajectory and quickly found himself in the director’s chair after his debut piece, “Reach” for the Van Cliburn Foundation, earned acclaim, landing him a slot in the 2014 SHOOT New Directors Showcase, three Telly Awards and a shortlist for the Young Director Awards at Cannes Lions. Kodz’s passion for exploring the human condition and challenging prevalent ideals and notions is evidenced in his life-affirming social impact work for brands such as New York Yankees, Peace Corps, Acadia National Park and Green Box Machine.


Acadia National Park – Celebration


Over the years, Kodz has developed a highly collaborative creative process, informed by his instinctive ability to distill a creative vision to align with brand goals, taking broad concepts and refining them into dynamic, poignant narratives. He has directed campaigns for such clients as Mountain Dew, Goody, Montblanc, Get Out the Vote, Reebok, Foot Locker, and Payless Shoes. Kodz also has work on the horizon for LA Urban Farms.


Peace Corps – Unexpected


“Not only does Aaron’s work stand out because of the stunning visual language, but his ability to articulate his creative vision is unmatched,” said Raphael Leopold, exec producer at the Venice Beach-based Rodeo Show. “His viewpoint on transforming production constraints into enhancements is entirely in line with what we’re doing at Rodeo Show.”


Van Cliburn Foundation – Reach


Kodz added, “It’s been impressive to see what Raphael has done with Rodeo Show over the past few years. His ‘get it done’ attitude has led to a noticeable surge in quality of work, while still maintaining a boutique approach and highly curated roster.”

NYC-based Kodz attended the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied cinematography and film/video production. He has road-tripped to over 40 states, consistently gathering new perspectives and inspiration for his work.

Creative License Celebrates 3 Super Bowl Spots with Jeep, Walmart + Rocket Mortgage

Congratulations to our friends at Creative License who worked with Jeep, Rocket Mortgage & Walmart to bring their Big Game visions to life

According to CNN, Jeep’s Groundhog Day  spot featuring Bill Murray in his first-ever commercial was “the closest the day came to advertising perfection”

If you’re in need of expertise in music supervision & licensing, celebrity talent ideation & procurement and/or intellectual property (IP) negotiation + clearances we’re happy to make a connection – in fact, it’s our job !

Enjoy the long-form versions of these fun Super Bowl spots below !



#1 on USA Today’s Ad Meter; #1 on AdWeek
Bill Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray & Stephen Tobolowsky
Groundhog Day + Sonny & Cher – I Got You Babe



#5 on USA Today’s Ad Meter
Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet



#18 on USA Today’s Ad Meter, ESPN’s Top 15, The Street’s Top 10
All Music, Talent & IP (there was a ton ! )