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Welcome to SuperExploder Ted Marcus!

Alert the media! Emmy-winning mixer/sound designer Ted Marcus has joined esteemed client SuperExploder. He brings 20 years of experience in audio post, spanning mixing, editing, sound design and music for broadcast promos, feature films and music-driven long form content.

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Ted’s work has earned numerous PromaxBDA Awards, New York Festivals, CTAM Mark Awards and Emmys. He sound designed the feature Pitch, which was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival as well as mixed the MTV documentary Translating Genocide: Three Students Journey to Sudan, which earned two Emmys and a Beacon Award.

Ted’s innate sense of rhythm derives from his lifelong experience as a musician. After over a decade as a professional audio engineer, Ted took his music skills to the next level collaborating with influential rock band the Meat Puppets. They brought him on as the drummer for their 2006 reunion and he spent four years writing, performing and touring with the band as well as recording two full-length albums.

Ted studied psychology at the University of Connecticut but discovered his passion for all things audio when he fell into a gig at a local public access channel. He quickly made his way to NYC and started his career at National Recording Studios, working up the ranks from assistant to audio engineer. He moved on to work as a mixer/sound designer at Jeco Music/Stolen Car Productions and Clack Sound Studios, mixing top broadcast projects. In 2000, he brought his audio expertise to MTV’s On-Air Promos division, spearheading the development of its in-house audio facility. After over six years at MTV, Ted seized an opportunity to tour with the Meat Puppets, continuing to take on mix assignments during breaks. In 2010 Ted joined Ultrabland. Throughout his career, he has fostered a continually growing list of repeat clients, collaborating with HBO, Cinemax, FX, NatGeo and others on a wide range of spots.

Welcome Ted!

Cop Show

NL Edit’s Glenn Conte Edits “Hipster Jerry” (Seinfeld !) for Colin Quinn’s Cop Show

Season 3 of Colin Quinn’s web series “Cop Show” is airing now on L Studio with our very own Northern Lights‘ Glenn Conte crushing it from the editor’s chair. Enjoy this latest episode where Colin and the squad come face to face with the Hipster Killer. (Spoiler – it’s Jerry Seinfeld!) Hilarious…

Cop Show

See the rest of the episodes HERE

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Promax Hot Spot: Bodega’s Regional NBC Rio Olympics spots

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Working closely with the NBC Sports Olympics team, esteemed client BODEGA and sister companies Northern Lights, Mr. Wonderful and SuperExploder conceived and produced more than 100 spots that are now airing across the country on NBC affiliates.

The spots feature athletes and their hometowns, integrating the signature Rio graphics. Below are 3 spots featuring big markets. Promax link here.

New York


San Francisco


NBC Sports Credits:

CMO Olympic Marketing: John Miller

VP/Creative Director: Joseph Lee

Coordinating Producer: Justin Greenlee

BODEGA Credits:

Executive Creative Director: Haley Geffen

Sr. Writer/Producer: Derek Barbanti

Northern Lights Credits:

Executive Producer: Robin Hall

Editors: Chris Carson, Jacob Condon

Assistant Editors: Danielle Barker, Kieran Mulroy

Mr. Wonderful Credits:

Executive Producer: Damien Henderson

Creative Director: Gary Keenan

Art Director: Joseph Boylan

Design/Animation: Jade Stickle

Producer: Danon Hinty

SuperExploder Credits:

Senior Producer: Meredith Nazzaro

Sound Designer/Mixers: Ted Gannon, Brady Hearn

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Bodega gets one more for the awards case

The Emmy just arrived for NBC’s TODAY Show “Rokerthon 2” spot!


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Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award Winner
Outstanding Promotional Announcement — Topical

NBC Credits:
Director/Creative Director: Jose Antonio Prat
VP/Creative: Alonso Davila
VP/Brand Marketing: Marianne Raphael
Senior Director: Adam Kessler
Writer/Producer: Jennifer Kaas
Production Manager: Elizabeth Roth

Bodega Credits:
Executive Producer: Clint Goldman

Northern Lights Credits:
Editor: Glenn Conte
Smoke/Lustre Artist: Chris Hengeveld
Executive Producer: Robin Hall

Mr. Wonderful credits:
Creative Director: Beirne Lowry
Executive Producer: Damien Henderson
Designer/Animator: Jade Stickle
Producer: Julia Kennedy

SuperExploder Credits:
Sound Designer/Mixer: Ted Gannon
Sr. Producer: Meredith Nazzaro

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Is Your EP As Cool As Robin Hall? We Think Not.

We’ve been out of our minds from the minute we got wind of Northern Lights EP Robin Hall’s previous incarnation as front man for Jack Ruby, yes, Jack Ruby. Monday night – when we got to see him scream himself hoarse – was just perfect. Danny Gregory captures it all beautifully right here

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Check it out when you have a sec…

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Who Knew We’d Have A Chance To Do This Much Good?

When we started talking with Manifesto we thought they were a “normal” Production Company. But Michele Clarke!

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In 2014, Michele founded Project 0, a global campaign to restore the health of the ocean. Project 0 launched to the public in December 2015 with a concert in London that featured music from Ronnie Wood, Bernard Fowler, Mick Taylor, Doug Wimbish, The Strypes, Will Heard and Hidden Charms, a short talk by Cara Delevingne and members of the ocean conservation community. The event was attended by London’s most influential and fashionable crowd and garnered enormous press and praise. Project 0 will continue to build and grow with the aim of putting 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030 (currently only 2.8% is under any form of protection). To learn more, go to

This – Thursday, Jun 8 – We wouldn’t miss it, hope you can join us. Will be A M A Z I N G

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