SEED’s Hans Emanuel Drops a Thrilling New Spot for BMW

Director/choreographer Hans Emanuel at SEED MEDIA ARTS just out with this phenomenally stylish and very cool new spot for BMW – The Thrill of Luxury

SEED’s Hans Emanuel Revs His Engines for Benzina Verva Fuel

Director Hans Emanuel at SEED drops another tour-de-force piece of brand artistry, this time a very cool kick-ass spot for Benzina Verva Fuel.

Director Erin Sacks joins SEED

We’re happy to welcome director Erin Sacks to the SEED family !

Budweiser – America is in Your Hands
Stella Artois – Art of Living w Catherine Eaton

Seed Media Arts has added director Erin Sax to its roster for commercials and branded content.

Roy Skillicorn, owner and EP of Seed, described Sax as “‘a rock star’ in more ways than one.” She not only directs documentary-style spots, branded content, and features but also continues as a singer/songwriter. Sax has toured nationally and internationally with her band, Hands Off My Sister. She has also written and performed songs for motion pictures (Altered Minds, Wanderland and the upcoming documentary series, Resisterhood).

Sax’s directorial exploits span such clients as Stella Artois, Budweiser, Lionsgate, the Nicaraguan Tourist Board, as well as networks including A&E for whom she has painted nuanced portraits of battle rappers, gay ex-convicts, and the Italian mafia among many others. She has worked with Jerusalem Capital Studios, BTRN Belgian Television, and the BBC.

Sax also made a short documentary about American attitudes towards death and dying. She spent six months filming the embalming, dressing and casketing of corpses in a mortuary in San Francisco. “The film ended up being literally a documentation of that because everything else about death in our culture is hidden,” she said. The film is now part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Skillicorn said of Sax, who’s been directing independently the last three years, “Her versatile ability to authentically portray the complexities of her subjects in either instantly impactful shorter or longer drawn out formats is amazing, She is able to quickly put people at ease, delve deep into personal narratives and capture their essence. Each of her stories, from corporation leaders to bank robbers and fishmongers are always compelling and I see her unique talents soon coveted in our ad world.

Sax got her start as a documentarian for Middle East news and has earned an international reputation for her visually captivating and contextual, uncompromising portraits. A L.A. native, she grew up just down the street from George Harrison, next door to the drug dealer for the Rolling Stones, and was baby-sat by Allan Zavod, the pianist for Jean-Luc Ponty. Sax developed her photographer‘s eye and aesthetic early for she was raised in a home with an active darkroom. Her mother, an actress, also supported herself shooting portraits for artists like Kris Kristofferson, Charo, Arthur Rubinstein and John Rubinstein. There was always a parade of actors, wannabes, and artists, and all were larger than life. It was a colorful upbringing that set the tone for the way she sees the world.

According to Sax, “I’ve long considered myself a closet anthropologist of my own species. Moving through this life, observing, grasping at vignettes, at characters, trying to take it all in and then reflect back to the world what I see – the beauty, the insanity, and the glory of it all. Meeting with Roy, I felt an instant simpatico with the mission of Seed to grab reality and put it in a heightened, elevated frame…they seem to have a real knack for getting people to see differently, to notice details, beauty, complexity in things they might have seen before, but without really seeing them.”

SEED Adds Director Anthony Pietromonaco to the Roster

Award winning visual and narrative director Anthony Pietromonaco has found a home at SEED.

With the belief that an effective director required practical experience, he worked his way up from PA and grip to camera operator, cinematographer, editor, VFX artist and producer before combining these successful pursuits toward his current path as a writer / director. With a practical sense of production, a penchant for storytelling, and a style that merges the latest in technology & visual effects with breathtaking photography, Anthony is one of the busiest working directors today. As a director he has worked with numerous clients including Porsche, Peroni, Nordstrom, Verizon, Samsung MasterCard, Droid, and Motorola.


“I believe in leading from the front, always with an efficient and clear communication of purpose,” states Anthony. “I feel honored to be joining the other elite group of artists on SEED’s roster”.

Peroni – La Dolce Vita

His visual effects experience helps him create surreal visions of the future like his recent work for Cappasity, the 3D shopping technology developer. The work is regarded as one of the most inspiring depictions for the future of augmented reality. Remarkably, besides his interests in science fiction, futuristic and fantasy work, Anthony has vast expertise in real-life documentaries and a knack for dealing with non-actors. “I’ve shot hundreds of mini-docs for small business owners when I started my career. Some say I’ve built a reputation for making heroes out of ordinary persons,” says Pietromonaco. 

Porsche – Panamera

SEED owner/EP, Roy Skillicorn, asserts, “He is a true Renaissance man. He is a totally unique thinker maybe because of his diverse background. He seems to have an answer for every visual or logistical problem. His storytelling and messaging are consistently central but striking visuals are always introduced to enhance. He is both collaborative and communicative, artistic and eager to problem solve. Thus, I believe, he is the perfect fit for today’s marketplace and its highly complex directorial demands”.  

Welcome to Backyard Ashley Avis

Esteemed client Backyard proudly welcomes writer/director Ashley Avis to the fold. Get to know Ashley, she’s on her way to the moon.

Commercially she has directed projects for clients like Coca Cola, Red Bull, Footlocker, Pfizer, CaliBurger, and recently won the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Award for her work on a spot called BESPOKE, at the Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival in Cape Town.

Her feature directorial debut, the artistic psychological film DESERTED, starring Mischa Barton, Winter Ave Zoli, Jake Busey and Sebastian Bach recently was released in the Winter of 2016.

Her second feature, the coming of age story ADOLESCENCE, will be released in 2017. The project stars Sons of Anarchy’s Tommy Flanagan, American Hustle’s Elisabeth Rohm, India Eisley and Jere Burns. The project was edited by Oscar nominated Douglas Crise (Birdman, Babel), and mixed by Oscar winning Post Sound Supervisor Ben Wilkins (Whiplash).

She recently produced the television pilot THE PICTURE for Winterstone Pictures / Winkler Films, and was brought on by producer Todd Labarowski / Dreambridge Films (The Kids Are All Right, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Manglehorn) to write the screenplay based on the novel THE CYBIL RAVEN CHRONICLES.

Her work has been called “timelessly romantic” (White Lies Magazine), “innocent, blending innocence with seduction” (Red Hot Society), and “elegantly sensual” (Elite Daily).


Mercedes Benz – “A Beautiful Life”

Envya Swim – “Lionne Blanche”

Mercedes Benz – “Bespoke”


Premiered October, 2016

Written & Directed by: Ashley Avis
Producers: Edward Winters, Ashley Avis, Larry Hummel, Keith A. Fox
Editor: Douglas Crise
Cast: Mischa Barton, Winter Ave Zoli, Trent Ford, Dana Rosendorff, Michael Milford, Kelly Brannigan + Tyler Sellers with supporting cast including Jake Busey, Sebastian Bach, Gerry Bednob + Lance Henriksen


Premieres Fall, 2017

Directed by Ashley Avis
Producers: Edward Winters, Larry Hummel
Editor: Douglas Crise
Cast: Mickey River, India Eisley, Romeo Miller, Tommy Flanagan, Elisabeth Rohm, Michael Milford, Jere Burns, Ever Carradine


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Director/Choreographer Hans Emmanuel joins SEED Media Arts

We’re excited to welcome director/choreographer Hans Emmanuel to the roster at SEED Media Arts

Hans began his career shooting beauty commercials in Paris where he was able to hone his directorial style allowing him to explore opportunities in automotive, sports, and lifestyle. His sexy, energetic, often edgy but always stylish directorial aesthetic integrates fluid movement, dance + rhythm with contemporary, youthful narrative storytelling.

Hans’ client list includes Audi, Mazda, Cutty Sark, P&G, Nivea, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s & OPI.

Here are some of our favorites…


Mazda – Red



Cutty Sark – Spirit of the Times

Diana – #fuckyourstandards