Seed Media Arts Signs Director Jeffrey DeChausse

Emmy-winning filmmaker Jeffrey DeChausse has signed on to work with his long time friend, Roy Skillicorn, owner / EP of Seed Media Arts.

Jeffrey was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and in the Loire valley in France, where he worked and lived with his family in the French carnival. He is a strategic thinker and idea cultivator who has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, from Fortune 500 companies to several startups. He is passionate about storytelling and that is evident throughout his work.

“Jeffrey is a true ‘interdisciplinary artist,’” says Skillicorn. “As a seasoned commercial director, he draws from several roles within his aesthetic career. Being a creative director, designer, writer and fine artist allows his craftsmanship and artistic sense to shape beautiful cinematic imagery within thought provoking messaging.”

“We are very excited about his strong docu-style and performance work and elated with his recently developed, visually engaging automotive work,” he adds.

Having the knowledge from both sides of the business, as an agency creative director, and on the production side as a director and producer, Jeffrey comes to the table with a broad knowledge and understanding of production. His broad experience in international media production, even through post, contributes to a full understanding of bidding and securing offshore opportunities.

His likable disposition fosters genuine and sincere human performances from talent and makes him easy to work with. All this, and Jeffrey’s successful track record of streamlining production while leading and motivating teams across diverse genres and work environments, is what attracted Skillicorn.

“As an adroit storyteller, he not only establishes authenticity and emotion but adeptly brings about a cinematic film quality to each project. I know his work will resonate with our most passionate and inspired clients,” adds Kris Mathur, Seed’s EP.

DeChausee’s Clients include Apple, Lexus, Toyota, Maven, Jeep, New Balance, Fidelity, ADT, Intel,, Waterwipes, UBS, First Citizens Bank, Blue Cross, Pabst Blue Ribbon, BofA, Northern Trust, Budweiser, Laugh Lounge and Samsung.

Magellan Sets Sail with SEED

Director Magellan Rubin has joined the roster at SEED MEDIA ARTS.  Magellan has a passion for telling emotionally charged stories that are both visually distinctive and powerfully delivered. He began as a cinematographer but yearned to tell the stories himself. With some good fortune and keen instincts, he began to selectively choose work that he was passionate about: heartfelt storytelling, within the genres of natural lifestyle, sports and music content.

23-year-old Magellan has already helmed commercials for leading brands like Mercedes-Benz and Nike while also pursuing music videos for major artists like G-Eazy. His interest in, and use of, experimental techniques, conquers any limits to storytelling in both real and imaginative worlds.

Magellan blends his narrative sense with an impeccable eye for visual detail. Throughout all his work, there is a consistent thread of beautiful film, powerful performances and a message of sincerity that drew me in. At this early age, he is already a significant powerhouse and is soon to be a industry superstar name,” predicts Roy Skillicorn, Seed’s owner.

“Roy has keen instincts, ” says Seed’s Executive Producer Kris Mathur; “He knows talent at first glance, and after meeting Magellan, I couldn’t agree more.” Kris and Roy have worked together for decades and continue as a team at Seed and at Backyard Productions, the company Roy founded. Seed is currently a sister company to Backyard. Both entities share important resources that enable them to excel in the current marketplace.

“Skillicorn’s track record for nurturing young directors, like me, is storied,” claims Magellan. As a representative in the 80s, Roy planted the flag for several major directors and production entities, most notably, PIXAR and HKM by securing them their very first assignments and helping them to develop for years. He continued that approach when he started his own production company with young talents at Backyard, and then yet again with Seed. “I trust that I’ll grow within the fertile soil here as Roy and Kris understand my work well and know the path to the top better than anyone,” adds Magellan.

SEED’s Hans Emanuel Drops a Thrilling New Spot for BMW

Director/choreographer Hans Emanuel at SEED MEDIA ARTS just out with this phenomenally stylish and very cool new spot for BMW – The Thrill of Luxury

Agency: Interone BBDO

SEED’s Hans Emanuel Revs His Engines for Benzina Verva Fuel

Director Hans Emanuel at SEED drops another tour-de-force piece of brand artistry, this time a very cool kick-ass spot for Benzina Verva Fuel.

Director Erin Sacks joins SEED

We’re happy to welcome director Erin Sacks to the SEED family !

Budweiser – America is in Your Hands
Stella Artois – Art of Living w Catherine Eaton

Seed Media Arts has added director Erin Sax to its roster for commercials and branded content.

Roy Skillicorn, owner and EP of Seed, described Sax as “‘a rock star’ in more ways than one.” She not only directs documentary-style spots, branded content, and features but also continues as a singer/songwriter. Sax has toured nationally and internationally with her band, Hands Off My Sister. She has also written and performed songs for motion pictures (Altered Minds, Wanderland and the upcoming documentary series, Resisterhood).

Sax’s directorial exploits span such clients as Stella Artois, Budweiser, Lionsgate, the Nicaraguan Tourist Board, as well as networks including A&E for whom she has painted nuanced portraits of battle rappers, gay ex-convicts, and the Italian mafia among many others. She has worked with Jerusalem Capital Studios, BTRN Belgian Television, and the BBC.

Sax also made a short documentary about American attitudes towards death and dying. She spent six months filming the embalming, dressing and casketing of corpses in a mortuary in San Francisco. “The film ended up being literally a documentation of that because everything else about death in our culture is hidden,” she said. The film is now part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Skillicorn said of Sax, who’s been directing independently the last three years, “Her versatile ability to authentically portray the complexities of her subjects in either instantly impactful shorter or longer drawn out formats is amazing, She is able to quickly put people at ease, delve deep into personal narratives and capture their essence. Each of her stories, from corporation leaders to bank robbers and fishmongers are always compelling and I see her unique talents soon coveted in our ad world.

Sax got her start as a documentarian for Middle East news and has earned an international reputation for her visually captivating and contextual, uncompromising portraits. A L.A. native, she grew up just down the street from George Harrison, next door to the drug dealer for the Rolling Stones, and was baby-sat by Allan Zavod, the pianist for Jean-Luc Ponty. Sax developed her photographer‘s eye and aesthetic early for she was raised in a home with an active darkroom. Her mother, an actress, also supported herself shooting portraits for artists like Kris Kristofferson, Charo, Arthur Rubinstein and John Rubinstein. There was always a parade of actors, wannabes, and artists, and all were larger than life. It was a colorful upbringing that set the tone for the way she sees the world.

According to Sax, “I’ve long considered myself a closet anthropologist of my own species. Moving through this life, observing, grasping at vignettes, at characters, trying to take it all in and then reflect back to the world what I see – the beauty, the insanity, and the glory of it all. Meeting with Roy, I felt an instant simpatico with the mission of Seed to grab reality and put it in a heightened, elevated frame…they seem to have a real knack for getting people to see differently, to notice details, beauty, complexity in things they might have seen before, but without really seeing them.”

Our “Big Guys” at BACKYARD and SEED

You know BACKYARD and SEED are sister companies – SEED is non-union, BACKYARD is DGA so together, we can offer loads of options.

At BACKYARD, Greg Popp Da Man.

Here’s his new Head & Shoulders

and this – for RBC

Over at SEED, check this spot for Jockey from director Hans Emanuel, featuring his signature stylish visuals & hip dance + movement choreography

And this stylish new spot for BMW – The Thrill of Luxury

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