Cop Show

NL Edit’s Glenn Conte Edits “Hipster Jerry” (Seinfeld !) for Colin Quinn’s Cop Show

Season 3 of Colin Quinn’s web series “Cop Show” is airing now on L Studio with our very own Northern Lights‘ Glenn Conte crushing it from the editor’s chair. Enjoy this latest episode where Colin and the squad come face to face with the Hipster Killer. (Spoiler – it’s Jerry Seinfeld!) Hilarious…

Cop Show

See the rest of the episodes HERE


Welcome to BODEGA Jon Dennis & Randy Hackett !

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Directors Jon Dennis Randy Hackett Join Bodega

Cop Show

Northern Lights Editor Glenn Conte Cuts Up Colin Quinn’s COP SHOW

Season 2 of Colin Quinn’s hilarious web series silliness COP SHOW dropped this week on Lexus’ content channel L Studio. Our favorite cut-up Glenn Conte at Northern Lights edited last year’s debut season and all 8 episodes of Season 2.

Check out Episode 1 featuring 2016 Oscar host Chris Rock experiencing Colin’s acting skills during a death scene:

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Gronk & Big Papi Sippin’ a Dunkin Iced Coffee with Bodega & Dave Merhar

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Fun new branded content piece, the first of a summer long campaign “Summer Chill”, for Dunkin Donuts and Sapient Nitro/Boston from director Dave Merhar at NYC’s Bodega Studios

Here’s the first of 4 music videos, Sippin’ featuring Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski from the Patriots & David “Big Papi” Ortiz from the Red Sox.


Here’s the teaser spot:

Bodega Studios

Director: Dave Merhar
Exec Prod: Clint Goldman

Sapient Nitro/Boston

ECD: Barry Fiske
CD: Larry Mintz
CD: Peter Tschudy
ACD/CW: Brian Donovan
AD: Jon Casey
Prod: Mike Diaz


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Northern Lights editor Glenn Conte cuts down Cop Show for cutup Colin Quinn


Our very own Glenn Conte, editor at Northern Lights Edit is cutting all the episodes of comedian Colin Quinn’s new satirical web series, COP SHOW. Great review from the NY Times follows and you can click the image below to watch the premiere episode. Congrats Glenn!


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.01.54 PM
Review: ‘Cop Show,’ Colin Quinn’s Police Procedural Satire
Feb. 17, 2015

The comedian Colin Quinn is a cunning self-deprecator: He makes fun of his own middling level of fame with an aggressive edge that suggests that he really ought to be bigger by now. On Twitter, he draws attention by encouraging his haters, retweeting their most imaginative insults. (Recent sample: “My girlfriend and I are going to play the CQ game. Every time you come on screen, we drink arsenic.”)

His new eight-episode online series, the ragged, amiable and occasionally quite funny “Cop Show,” fits this pattern. It’s billed as a satire of police procedurals like “Law & Order,” but it’s really a double-edged satire of Mr. Quinn’s pretensions and desires. Playing himself as the creator, writer and star of a cut-rate, amateurish detective drama, he’s clueless, affected and obsessed with righting the wrongs done to him during his career. It’s a funny and fairly merciless self-portrait, but hey, “Cop Show” is, indeed, his show. No one else is getting the last laugh.

The show debuts Wednesday, with new episodes of five to six minutes each appearing weekly on the Lexus-sponsored video site L/Studio. It is a mock making-of documentary. We see the unspeakably bad show-within-a-show, which features Mr. Quinn, Sue Jean Kim and Keith Robinson as detectives, and we see behind-the-scenes interviews and outtakes filmed by a reporter for a snooty-sounding French publication, played with an amusingly exaggerated accent by Elsa Carette. Encountering Jerry Seinfeld on the set, wincing as he observes the proceedings, she cautiously asks, “Your name ees on zees?”

Mr. Seinfeld’s name isn’t on the series, but he showed up for Episode 1, and a number of other comedians drop by to help Mr. Quinn: Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan (doing a surprisingly convincing Congolese warlord), Jim Norton, Pat Cooper. In one amusing bit, Michael Che — currently a “Weekend Update” anchor, a role Mr. Quinn filled before his unceremonious off-season exit from “Saturday Night Live” — shows up to play a detective who has the Quinn character’s old job.

“All people do is talk about how great you were,” Mr. Che says, reading his Quinn-written dialogue. “It feels like I’m following your shadow.” Mr. Quinn, with his contradictory blend of smugness and wounded pride, replies: “Well, I was just doing my job, fella. And I left of my own accord, I wasn’t forced out. Over the summer.”

Produced by MEGA Films. Created and written by Colin Quinn; directed and produced by J. D. Amato; Morris S. Levy, Brian Stern, Mr. Quinn, Lisa Eisenpresser and Caitlin McGinty, executive producers.

WITH: Colin Quinn (Colin), Keith Robinson (Joe), Sue Jean Kim (Grace), Peter Grosz (Kyle) and Griffin Newman (Jake).

Here’s SHOOT’s coverage:

NY-based Northern Lights editor Glenn Conte dives into the raw world of police dramas in the new satirical web series, “Cop Show,” created by SNL alum and comedian Colin Quinn. Conte edited the 8 episode series that recently debuted on L/Studio, which also hosts Lisa Kudrow’s web series “Web Therapy.” The show is a behind the scenes look into the production of a crime drama and features an A-list lineup of guest stars, including Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Che, Peter Grosz and Griffin Newman. The series was created and written by Quinn, is directed by J.D. Amato (“The Chris Gethard Show”) and is executive produced by Morris S. Levy of MEGA Films and Brian Stern (Comedy Central’s “Big Time in Hollywood, FL”).

Click HERE to view “Cop Show” Episode 1 “The Dream.” Episode 2 stars Amy Schumer in “Hipster Drug Gang.”

Having previously worked with Levy on the comedy feature A Novel Romance, Conte was eager to collaborate again for this web series, which is Conte’s first. He notes, “It was great working with such a high caliber of talent. Colin knew exactly what he wanted and it was exciting to work with him to push the comedy to the next level and really help shape the show from the beginning stage.”

Adds Quinn, “Cop Show is a labor of love. That’s why nobody made over a hundred dollars.”

“When you’re making a web series about a documentary about a fake television show about fake cops, things can get out of hand very quickly,” Amato comments. “You need production and post-production to be extremely efficient or the whole thing falls apart. The team working on ‘Cop Show’ went above and beyond to make sure we got the best out of our material.”

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FFake and John McAfee making anti-virus viral madness with girls, guns, and blow!

We heard yesterday about this crazy John McAfee Video blowing up on the Interwebs.

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Little did we know esteemed client ffake right in the middle of it!