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Are You Ready For Some Football! Bodega & Carrie Underwood rock it on Sunday Night

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A very special production brought to you by the tireless BODEGA team: Carrie Underwood’s debut performance with Sunday Night Football. Props to Haley Geffen, Miguel Rodriguez, Alan Chimenti, Robin Hall, Rayna Saslove, Chuck Ozeas, Evan Rohde, Drew Downes, Marcus Landsdell, Jordan McMonagle, Liz Gaffney, Alexis Zamlich and of course our creative partners at NBC Sports…Tripp Dixon, Fred Gaudelli, Mark Levy and Charlie Vanacore.

More here, via promaxbda

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“When some 18.5 million people sit down on Sunday nights with their beer and chicken wings to watch NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” they probably don’t think much about the weekly musical opener. But a few key people put quite a bit of thought into it.

Since NBC acquired “Sunday Night Football” in 2006, the opener has featured the song, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” In 2006, Pink was that song’s featured performer. From 2007-12, it was country star Faith Hill. In 2013, Carrie Underwood took over the honors.

“Faith called me [last] February and told me she thought it was time for her to, as she put it, “pass the torch” and let someone else “rock the open,” says “SNF” Coordinating Producer Fred Gaudelli. “At that point, I really only had one person in my sight and that was Carrie. She’s the only person I spoke to about this.”

To put the new piece together, NBC partnered with New York-based Bodega Studios to do the production and Mass Market to do the visual effects. Bodega produced 2012’s opener starring Hill, so the company had a good idea of what was required.

“Our goal creatively was literally to make it feel bigger – the crowd and the essence of the whole piece. Our approach was to give it a massive feel, scope-wise and then to push the VFX team to a new level this year,” says Haley Geffen, creative director at Bodega.

While making a Carrie Underwood performance seem epic doesn’t seem like such a production challenge – anyone who’s seen an arena concert knows what such a performance feels like – there were plenty of moving pieces to this shoot.

First of all, while Underwood was at the piece’s center, some of the NFL’s star players — Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning, New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, Houston Texans’ defensive end JJ Watt, Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck and Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews — also make appearances, throwing footballs and doing end-zone dances atop enormous virtual cubes.

The shoots took place over several days. The Mannings were shot on a stage in New York. The other four players, and Underwood, separately, were shot at in what used to be an airplane hangar at Los Angeles’ Playa Vista Studios, close to Los Angeles International Airport. That presented the first challenge: producing all of those shoots separately – and in different locations – and then editing them to appear as if they were all part of one performance.

“That was a fun challenge,” says Geffen. “We had to use identical camera angles and lighting setups with two entirely different crews. We shot Peyton Manning first, and Carrie’s perspective and eye line had to match up exactly.”

“Instead of just covering the stage like you would during a music video with wides, mediums and tights, we were very specific with what framings we needed for each line since elements like the player cubes and the monoliths did not exist in camera,” says Tripp Dixon, NBC Sports, VP, Creative Director.

Underwood was shot on stage using Arri Alexa cameras on technocranes, steadicams and dollies, said Dixon. Behind Underwood were lighting panels known as “magic panels” that could be fully choreographed to the music.

“My DP, Chuck Ozeas brought in a lighting designer with concert touring experience,” says Dixon. “Chuck suggested using the Magic Panels, a new lighting instrument that had yet to be used on camera, as the technology had just been released the month before. We thought the panels would give the open something special to set it apart from the average rock-and-roll gig.”

The cubes on which the players are standing were added in post-production so the crew had to take that into consideration while setting up the pre-visualization (“previz”) elements of the shoot. The shoot also only included 150 extras, but those 150 people were “plated” for VFX to make it feel like Underwood was singing in a sold-out football stadium, says Dixon.

The whole production was “less about imagination and more of an exact science,” says Geffen. “For all involved, it was a major learning experience but in a good way.” ”

Mr. Wonderful Transforms Carnegie Hall with a Modern Flair for CBS 2014 Upfront

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New York-based design/animation boutique Mr. Wonderful transformed historic Carnegie Hall into a theatrical CBS spectacular for the network’s 2013/2014 season upfront. Consultants on the event’s animation design for the last two years, the Mr. Wonderful team was called upon once again to elevate the presentation to a new level by entirely engulfing the audience in CBS imagery from the moment they set foot in the iconic theater.

Click HERE to see the 2013/2014 CBS upfront cut down.

Collaborating closely with the CBS Creative Team, the event Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Watchout Programmer Keith Tromer and the World Stage/Video Applications projection team, Mr. Wonderful utilized trompe l’oeil style projection on screens covering the Carnegie Hall proscenium in order to design graphic transitions that would change the whole space and create a variety of moods and theatrical stages throughout the presentation. The massive projection operation required 18 overlapping projectors and took 2 ½ days to set up. Notes Mr. Wonderful’s Executive Producer Damien Henderson, “Until you actually see the animations projected, you really cannot fully visualize the experience. When we first saw them, it was unbelievable—so enormous and transformative.”

Mr. Wonderful worked with CBS Executive Producer Jane Gottlieb and CBS Creative Director Lacy Daigle to incorporate the CBS branding into the historic venue, utilizing CG projections to depict transformative moments in the show, essentially delivering scenic changes through shifts in the graphic animations.

For this year’s Broadway theme, Mr. Wonderful transformed the space into a virtual Broadway set in carefully timed sequences. For example, the entire cast of “How I Met Your Mother” performed a theatrical musical spoof with rising, animated cityscapes towering behind them. When David Letterman took the stage, Mr. Wonderful transformed it into The Ed Sullivan Theater where “Late Show with David Letterman” is famously taped. The casts of “NCIS,” “The Big Bang Theory” and actor Robin Williams also made appearances.

Notes Mr. Wonderful’s Creative Director Beirne Lowry, “Bringing the CBS branding into the entire space highlights the power of the network’s current #1 ranking. And the imagery came to life in a multidimensional way. This wasn’t like watching a movie projected on a flat screen—it had real depth and appeared amorphous. It was a joy to see how the graphics truly transformed Carnegie Hall into a home for CBS.”

About Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful is a creative-production studio specializing in concept-driven motion design, branding and effects for television, film, interactive and environmental media. The studio was founded in 2005 on the simple principle that everything can be enhanced with good design. Our backgrounds are diverse, as are our clients. We are illustrators, animators, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, wood carvers, photographers and directors. We love the creative process. We hate boilerplate. And we look forward to making something wonderful with you. www.mrwonderful.tv

Are You Ready For Some Football? BODEGA Launches 2012 SNF!

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(O, this just in: Thanks PromaxBDA…we’re a “hot spot“)

Y’all watching Sunday Night Football? Super proud of our friends at Bodega who created the 2012 Opening with sister company Northern Lights handling the edit and partners SPY designing the vfx.

Here’s the official release:

New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company Bodega, SPY and director Jonathan Keeton team up with NBC Sports Group and NBC Sports’ creative/co-director Tripp Dixon to deliver full-throttle football excitement in the new 1:40 game opener for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the No. 1 show on primetime television. Featuring Faith Hill and NFL stars including New York Giants quarterback and Super Bowl XLVI MVP Eli Manning, the piece marks the first spot for editor Alan Chimenti out of his new east coast roost, Bodega’s sister company Northern Lights. The opener debuted prior to the opening Sunday Night Football game of the season on September 9th, and will air throughout this season and next.

The Sunday Night Football opening begins with crewmembers setting up for an NFL pre-game show, intercut with a woman strutting through the backstage area and shots of NFL players prepping for the game: Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Manning, Jets center Nick Mangold, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. Then to the stage, where Faith Hill is revealed and begins to sing the pop theme song, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night”. Behind the scenes, there are shots of NFL stars including 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware, Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Jets corner back Darrelle Revis, all readying themselves for action.

Fans cheer on the performance with game footage playing on the giant LED screens in the background, capturing the concert and replaying game footage on their Verizon NFL Mobile apps. Hill belts out the final verse of the song, “Stars are out, it’s the game to see because it’s Sunday Night Football on NBC.” The opener closes with a moving aerial shot overlooking the game stadium.

Faith Hill and all of the NFL players had major time restrictions for the shoot. Each player was available for about an hour and a half, and part of that time was dedicated to shooting promotional footage. Says Keeton, “We shot with Faith for a total of about 2 1/2 hours, which meant we had to have very carefully planned shots with pre-viz, and then to think fast on our feet!” Continues Keeton, “Tripp Dixon, my co-director from NBC, directed Faith, as he had a prior working relationship with her. But with both Faith and the players, setting the scene, making them comfortable, and insuring that they were asked to do things that they understood and were comfortable with made all the difference. It was critical, we thought, for Faith to perform with a band behind her and a crowd of fans in front of her, so she felt like she was in a performance environment where she excels.”

SPY played a large role in the Sunday Night Football game opener. With nearly the entire shoot done on green screen, they designed and executed both the 2D and 3D graphics as well as treatment, projection mapping and compositing all of the stock footage. Additionally, the stadium that Faith Hill is seen performing in is a photogammetry composite of Cowboys Stadium that was shot by the Bodega team at the onset of the project The piece was shot on a soundstage in Long Beach and in Queens, NY.


Production Company: Bodega
Co-Director: Jonathan Keeton
Executive Producer: Clint Goldman
Line Producer: Becky Morrison
Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas

Editorial: Northern Lights, NY
Editorial EP: Robin Hall
Editor: Alan Chimenti

Visual Effects: SPY
VFX/CG Lead: Michael Lester

Amnesty International Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

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To celebrate Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary, our friends at Prague based Eallin produced this beautiful animated video. Directed by Carlos Lascano. Music by Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer and Academy Award nominee Lorne Balf.


O, great “making-of” piece here.

The Source covers it here.

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David Russo gives us a shock and a warning

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Director/designer David Russo warns about the dangers of cutting copper wire, both physically and legally, in this PSA from American Electric Power.