Schrom’s Jennifer Davick directs Taste You Can Hear for Nature Valley

Beautiful new work from director/photographer Jennifer Davick at SCHROM in an integrated campaign for Nature Valley.

Jennifer breaks it down:

Taste You Can Hear

I was thrilled to direct and shoot this series of Broadcast, Digital and Social spots for Nature Valley. In them, the audience can literally hear how good these Crispy, Creamy Wafer Bars taste.
Each bar is its own symphonic experience.

We open with a crispy Snap! of the wafer, build to the peanut butter’s smooth Shee! Shee! and crescendo with the granola’s Cha! Cha! Cha!

We paired beautiful food footage with complex, deeply layered sound beds to debut the Crispy, Creamy Wafer Bars. The result– an experience that is equally delicious, new and surprising.

When the ears are engaged as much as the eyes, content like this invites a more immersive sensory experience…one that awakens the appetite.

In fact, the next sound we might actually hear is a light rumbling in our bellies…