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Meet Julia 


… is an Australian film director and screenwriter based in Brooklyn, New York, who has created films across the globe. Driven by a passion to uncover truth and cultivate empathy through storytelling, Julia has created documentaries, music videos, narratives, and commercial content that explore psychology and the physics of reality with a focus on interconnectedness and human vulnerability.

Born at 9:13am on the summer solstice, Julia spent time growing up in Sydney, Singapore and Perth, Western Australia. She enjoyed an eclectic upbringing with her Hakka Chinese father from Malaysia, who inspired her interest in Doaism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Qi Gong energy work, and her mother, who instilled the artistry, music and mysticism from her Celtic ancestry. Julia has played bagpipes since she was 12 years old.

With a background in STEM, Julia graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Biophysics (Neuroscience), and worked as a researcher with the Australian Cancer Council investigating the anti-cancer potential of Aboriginal medicinal plants. She also worked at the Telethon Kids Institute on a Nation-wide study investigating the causes of childhood brain tumors. Many of Julia’s recent films revolve around health, wellness, and nature – exploring the intersection between art and science.

In 2016 Julia served as the cinematographer of the documentary “Unspoken”, as well as the film’s co-director in collaboration with 14 year-old,autistic,non-fluent-speaker,Emma Zurcher-Long and Geneva Peschka. Executive produced byVera Farmiga and Renn Hawkey,the documentary is set to screen at Slamdance 2021. “Unspoken” originally premiered at Mill Valley Film Festival 2017, screening at numerous festivals and events including SXSW Edu 2018, with a theatrical release at Maysles Documentary Cinema. “Unspoken” won the Zuker Theatre and Audience Award at Astoria Film Festival 2019. Emma Zurcher-Long received the TASH ‘Positive Images in the Media’ Award in 2017 for “Unspoken”, and was featured in i-D and Women You Should Know.

Julia created and directed the documentary series “I’m Moving to Mars”, commissioned by First Look Productions. Shot in Australia and USA, the series explored the experience of several Mars One candidate finalists who had committed their lives to living permanently on the red planet. “I’m Moving to Mars” premiered on Topic.com, and was featured in NY Post and NY Times.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Julia met Irish filmmaker Marion Bergin online and created a remotely-directed, global UGC film based on Kitty O’Meara’s viral poem ‘In the Time of Pandemic’. Premiering on Dazed Digital, this film, AND THE PEOPLE, combines readings in 10 languages from over 20 countries, telling a story of resilience, it weaves a rich tapestry of life in the age of isolation.

When Julia’s not making films you can find her learning about sustainable gardening, reading about the untapped potential of the human mind, or photographing astrological events.