Sister companies BACKYARD & SEED remain open for business, able to adapt to these ever-changing circumstances. They encourage you to distance yourself from the ordinary and think big but small.

Several of our directors own their own equipment providing a number of options across a range of genres, producing content remotely including full access via virtual video village.

Backyard director Greg Popp shot this film with his father-in-law at his own home. Greg wrote, directed, edited, and scored everything from his home studio.

SEED director Sam Ciurdar shot this film just last week using the Paul Harvey speech. He shot it in one day and edited it that evening, all with no crew

Backyard director Chace Strickland just produced this spot for PSEG/Long Island, which he shot in one home with a very small crew and only three talent. He has crew, equipment and a large varied residential location ready to go.

Backyard director Paul Stone shot this Instagram piece entirely on an iPhone and cut on a laptop while traveling through Europe. Paul can direct, shoot, edit, score and color !