Engage & Resonate Goes Back to School for Amazon Dormcore

Experiential marketing + production agency  ENGAGE & RESONATE  in partnership with their client Amazon, this week launched 10 Amazon Dormcore retail pop-up installations at Amazon Hub Locker locations on select college campuses across the country. The installations will be live for 3 weeks during the traditional back-to-school time.

E & R’s designed the spaces with an aspirational DIY look/feel to illustrate how quick and easy personalizing your dorm can be with the help of Amazon/Amazon Lockers. They incorporated a reflective die-cut vinyl sign for photo-ops and participants can sit on the bed, use their camera flash and get that ‘pop’ on the sign to upload to social channels with #dormcorelife.  A cheap, easy and effective solution to create a fun and unique IG-worthy backdrop.

E & R also created web content with an associated retail site where consumers can purchase from their Amazon Fire tablet or other mobile device immediately on-site at the pop-ups.  From the Amazon app camera button, scan the attached Smile code to see the site.  Scroll to the bottom to see partial time-lapse footage of their install of the dorm set for the website shoot


Engage & Resonate Makes the 2019 Top 100 IT List !

Congratulations to our friends at experiential marketing + production shop ENGAGE & RESONATE for making Event Marketer’s 17th Annual Top 100 IT List !

The experiential marketing industry’s first and only comprehensive guide to the best agency partners in the business

Our annual It List turns 17 this year, and like all 17-year-olds—it’s going through some changes. The It List is designed to reflect the changing needs of the brands and marketers who use it. So this year, we gave our It List application a facelift—tweaking our questions and selection criteria to better illuminate the agencies that are keeping pace with the industry—and what you need to be successful.

Among updates, we put less emphasis on office culture and years in business and more emphasis on strategic thinking, creative culture and work. We wanted to understand better how the most innovative companies in events think. We also put more emphasis on new work as well as metrics, giving those companies delivering exceptional results for clients higher marks on our checklist. And we weighed the overall growth of the organizations: their top headlines of their year, awards won, client wins and new hires.

This year’s list is comprised of start-ups and boutiques, legacy shops and monolithic organizations. Some have a few dozen employees, and some, hundreds worldwide. Some specialize in b-to-b, while others, in b-to-c. Some, in a little of both.

As we have remarked over the past 17 years, the It List selection task is no walk in the park. Every year we huddle together for several weeks, scrutinizing newbies and veterans alike, digging through portfolios of work, and tracking the standout programs that captured the industry’s attention—all to provide the brand community the list of who it should be working with this year, and why. So, enjoy our annual guide and let the partner searching begin.



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