Haley Geffen + COED Pay Tribute to RBG for The National Constitution Center + NBC/Universal

COED Studios + director/partner Haley Geffen partnered with NBC/Universal to produce + direct two tributes to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The National Constitution Center awarded the 32nd annual Liberty Medal to Justice Ginsberg for her efforts to advance liberty and equality for all. To celebrate her work, the Center aired a video tribute featuring performances by internationally renowned opera singers and tributes from special friends of Justice Ginsburg. The documentary, which premiered on Constitution Day, was produced by NBCUniversal, is available on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, as well as Xfinity On Demand. Below are an interesting excerpt, The Super Diva, as well as the full show.

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Haley + COED also directed + produced a 24-minute opera for NBC/Universal + the National Constitution Center, which tells stories from the women’s suffrage movement. The operatic song cycle was performed by mezzo-soprano opera star J’Nai Bridges and composed by RBG’s daughter in law, Patrice Michaels. 

SEED Animation Gets Close to Nature for Hefty EcoSave

SEED Animation recently directed + produced a 15 sec spot for Hefty’s new product EcoSave through Minnesota agency Periscope. Predominantly known for their plastic picnic tableware, Hefty has made the move into compostable sets.

Periscope’s fun script played heavily into SEED’s strengths through their approach to narrative and brand of humor. In the spot, we follow an ever-growing parade of overly enthusiastic insects and animals who proudly carry aloft the EcoSave product line through a lush summer woodland.

It’s a passionate celebration of nature with nostalgic hand-drawn Fleischer-inspired characters who parade through miniature forest sets in wall-to-wall, multi-watch, blink and you’ll miss it action. In order to create an overall natural tone, the sets were handcrafted and custom built. There are also lots of subtle scenarios that feature animals’ actual behaviours to create a fine balance between the over-the-top carnival and what we would naturally expect to see.

Wonder how they did it ? Check out this nifty behind-the-scenes

COED Studios Pivots from Live to Animation for new Crystal Geyser campaign

Way back in the Before Times, the team at Brooklyn’s CO_ED Studios was gearing up to produce a series of new spots for Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, the brand’s first 360° integrated campaign. When Covid-19 hit NYC and production was put on hold, they quickly adjusted and redesigned their original ideas into a sophisticated animated camapaign. Featuring a fresh a mix of cel and 3D animation, CO_ED CD/director Sam Stephens and the team, working with SF-agency Demonstrate, created a stunning campaign all while safely working from home.

Simple But Not Easy

The campaign tells the “Simple…but not easy” stories of the water-obsessed people behind America’s top-selling spring water brand. It comes on the heels of the recent opening of the company’s new recycled PET processing plant in San Bernardino, Calif., the first of its kind in the US. All Crystal Geyser products are 100% recyclable already but the new plant has allowed the company to produce bottles using a minimum of 50% rPET at its West Coast plants with the goal of using 100% rPET nationwide in the near future

Meet Kemi
Meet Lionel
Meet the American Forests Organization

SHINE Cracks the Case with Unique Title Sequences for HBO’s “Perry Mason”

We so love Shine ! Creative Director Michael Riley and Executive Producer Bob Swensen take care of each project with such love and attention. For HBO’s Perry Mason, they designed and animated the main title logo and eight unique end title sequences. Each main title logo card, designed as if it were created on an animation stand in the 1930’s, was integrated into the scene using rotoscoping and 3D tracking, not unlike cinema logos during the golden era of Hollywood. Each end title sequence was designed to specifically conclude each episode, serving as a visual punctuation as the final scene rings out.

Jesper Ohlsson “Breaks Free” for PETA

Backyard director + VFX maestro Jesper Ohlsson out with a fantastic new spot for PETA, highlighting the plight of great apes in captivity

PETA – “Break Free”

SEED Animation + 16 artists from around the world + 7 intense weeks = FREE NOW

Terrific new work from our friends across the pond at

SEED Animation recently debuted a 30″ spot with agency Recipe to promote the UK launch of FREE NOW, Europes largest ride-hailing app.

Directed by Morgan Powell + Neil Kidney, the spot features a 50-foot woman rollerskating though London with a black cab on on foot, a private hire vehicle on the other. The treatment focused on the directors’ interpretation of freedom through cinematic postcards from the city, showing the benefits of using FREE NOW. Seed worked with a remote team of 16 artists from around the world over the course of an intense 7 weeks.

“It was important to create realistic and diverse snapshots of London for our hero to fall in love with. And whilst we made it in geometric and multifaceted CG, we softened it back down through the time of day and a warm colour palette,” said Morgan.

“It’s hard to miss the fact that the hero is a 50-foot woman gliding through London but we also wanted to make London itself a hero in the ad. We chose dynamic and iconic shots to give it a sense of energy and framed them in a way to show London at its best,” added Neil.


Client: FREE NOW

Agency: Recipe

Animation: SEED Animation Studio

Exec Producer: Neil Kidney

Storyboards: Andrew Hammond + Yohann Auroux

Design: Chris Tulloch McCabe + Georgi Georgiev

3D Artists: Adame Boutrif, Allan Ihsan, Christopher Banasko, Darren Cullis, Doug Kennedy, Erin Woodford, Jonathan Clark, Kornel Makarovicz, Matt Morris, Tammy Smith

Compositing: Jonny Ridge, Morgan Powell, Pavan Balsam

Here’s a frame under construction!