Update: No Friction + the NCMEC are Bringing Missing Children Home with a new “Runaway Train”

Last year – see below – No Friction’s Michael Frick partnered with Muhtayzik Hoffer and NCMEC to develop a music strategy and tech driven platform that helped recover 20 missing children and a 60% increase in leads with #RunawayTrain25. 

1 year later, in honor of National Missing Children’s Day, the team has launched a new feature to the site. You can now create a video for a missing child you know:


Michael Frick and the team at NO FRICTION teamed up with SF agency M/H VCCP and the National Center for Missing + Exploited Children (NCMEC) to create a new music video version of Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train to help find missing children. To date, 20 kids have returned home since the campaign began airing in late May.

Here’s the Runaway Train video + a case study of the project:


The original music video for Soul Asylum’s ‘90s hit “Runaway Train” doubled as a call-to-action, featuring missing children around the world and urging viewers to help find them. Of the 36 children featured, 21 were eventually found.

To commemorate the music video’s 25th anniversary, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) released a new version that uses geo-targeting technology to automatically populate the video with profiles of local missing children based on the viewer’s location.

The campaign team also partnered with Twitter and was able to leverage the @TwitterMusic and @TwitterForGood accounts to drive more traffic toward tweets about #RunawayTrain25. The artists Jamie N Commons, Skylar Grey and Gallant used their Twitter platforms to promote songs to fans during the initial launch, which were then supported through the Twitter accounts.

The campaign has already helped locate a runaway 16-year-old girl from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After watching the music video, one of the girl’s friends identified her and reached out, successfully encouraging her to return home.

Social media leads and tips for NCMEC have increased by 65% since the campaign’s launch. Following its debut on Good Morning America, the music video was covered by a number of national outlets, including Billboard, Entertainment Tonight, Rolling Stone, MTV and CNN, as well as marketing trade publications and the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today newsletter. Online coverage exceeded 100 articles, including write-ups on the websites of 48 local newspapers and radio stations.

The campaign website has been visited more than 100K times, including 17,500 visits on the day of its launch. The music video itself has been viewed more than 8 million times across digital and social platforms and was recently nominated in the Video for Good category at the MTV Video Music Awards.

At No Friction, we understand that the human relationship with music is powerful and visceral. We partner with forward thinking clients to design and produce music & culture driven content that succeeds in digital culture and invites action. Whether developing a 360 degree solution for a brand campaign, outlining a sonic branding strategy, coordinating the fine details of entertainment partnership, procuring an original score, music supervision or simply securing music rights for any platform – we’ve got a solution.

SEED Animation London celebrates 4/20 with a new music video for Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds

When Three Little Birds was released in 1977 there wasn’t much desire for music videos. Roll on 43 years and Bob’s daughter, Cedella, asked London’s SEED ANIMATION if they would be interested in making a music video to celebrate her dad’s 75th birthday anniversary for release on International Weed Day 4/20 to honor Bob’s Rastafarian roots..

Directed by Morgan Powell, the film is set in a similar world to the well-known tale ‘Three Little Pigs’ and features Little Pig, The Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Birds.

The song’s message, ‘Don’t worry – everything is going to be alright’ takes centre stage as we follow the age-old enemies through a day in their life.

With the help of Three Little Birds (who sing sweet songs), Little Pig and Big Bad Wolf take the song’s advice and we witness an unlikely friendship blossom.

“I figured it would be interesting to pick two well-known enemies and flip their relationship on its head. I wanted to pose the question of what happens if you push through fear or anxiety? What’s on the other side of that? Little did we know when we started the project that by the end of production, the song’s message would be even more relevant” said Morgan.

shots covers the story here


Client: Universal Music, Tuff Gong
Writer/Director: Morgan Powell
Exec Producer: Neil Kidney
Production Company: Seed Animation
Character Design: Yohann Auroux
Background Design: Anne Masse
Production Assistant: Viktoria Bebok
Animation Consultant: Emma Burch
2D Animators: Josep Bernaus (Lead), Campbell Hartley, Hannah Lau-Walker
Clean-up artist: Lisa O’Sullivan
Compositing: Josep Bernaus

Rodeo Show Offers International + Remote Production Options with Virtual Video Village

Rodeo Show is available + ready to produce your live action shoots remotely with Virtual Video Village either internationally as other countries open up for filming and at their LA stage for small distanced productions as the situation allows. They can offer a one-stop with full service post to deliver a cost efficient creative solution


Director / Photographer Saam Gabbay Celebrates a Touchless Birthday

Rodeo Show collaborator + director / photographer Saam Gabbay turned lemons into lemonade by creating a fun new project out of his quarantine-canceled birthday bash.

Saam shares: This project unfolded because my birthday was in the middle of the ongoing coronavirus quarantine. I canceled a get-together at my place and instead went to see my friends and family at theirs. Not that I could go near them. Instead, I photographed them from outside, looking in. I scheduled a time at each location and asked that they stand at their window while I stood in their yards or on their sidewalk or across the street. If they lived in a high rise I flew my drone to their window.

Saam Gabbay – Touchless Birthday

Ideas aren’t quarantined ! BACKYARD & SEED are open + ready to shoot – remotely of course

Sister companies BACKYARD & SEED remain open for business, able to adapt to these ever-changing circumstances. They encourage you to distance yourself from the ordinary and think big but small.

Several of our directors own their own equipment providing a number of options across a range of genres, producing content remotely including full access via virtual video village.

Backyard director Greg Popp shot this film with his father-in-law at his own home. Greg wrote, directed, edited, and scored everything from his home studio.

SEED director Sam Ciurdar shot this film just last week using the Paul Harvey speech. He shot it in one day and edited it that evening, all with no crew

Backyard director Chace Strickland just produced this spot for PSEG/Long Island, which he shot in one home with a very small crew and only three talent. He has crew, equipment and a large varied residential location ready to go.

Backyard director Paul Stone shot this Instagram piece entirely on an iPhone and cut on a laptop while traveling through Europe. Paul can direct, shoot, edit, score and color !

Zoom + VR via Groove Jones

To help us through troubled times, look what esteemed client Groove Jones made.