Experiential marketing + production agency  ENGAGE & RESONATE  in partnership with their client Amazon, this week launched 10 Amazon Dormcore retail pop-up installations at Amazon Hub Locker locations on select college campuses across the country. The installations will be live for 3 weeks during the traditional back-to-school time.

E & R’s designed the spaces with an aspirational DIY look/feel to illustrate how quick and easy personalizing your dorm can be with the help of Amazon/Amazon Lockers. They incorporated a reflective die-cut vinyl sign for photo-ops and participants can sit on the bed, use their camera flash and get that ‘pop’ on the sign to upload to social channels with #dormcorelife.  A cheap, easy and effective solution to create a fun and unique IG-worthy backdrop.

E & R also created web content with an associated retail site where consumers can purchase from their Amazon Fire tablet or other mobile device immediately on-site at the pop-ups.  From the Amazon app camera button, scan the attached Smile code to see the site.  Scroll to the bottom to see partial time-lapse footage of their install of the dorm set for the website shoot