Director Greg Popp has joined the roster at LA-based BACKYARD, bringing his seasoned comedy and performance skills to a smart, enthusiastic team.

Verizon – Quick Dip

Greg and Backyard CMO, Roy Skillicorn, have had a working relationship and strong friendship for over twenty-five years, having first worked together when Greg began at DDB. Greg went on to become a Senior Vice President before embarking on a successful directing career. His ground breaking and intensely funny work for Head & Shoulders, Burger King and Anheuser-Busch secured attention from the community. Greg’s most recent work for Atlantic Union Bank follows suit, once again tapping into undeniably viral humor. 

Bud Light Lime – Can Confessions

Skillicorn rejoined Backyard last year under its new ownership with a mandate to expand the roster. Roy had Greg in mind from the start to sign him.  Skillicorn describes the breadth of Greg’s work as “bridging many established boundaries of comedy: from subtle to broad, from simple visual gags to complex clever dialogue, often involving celebrities or top sports personalities. Greg gets performances that are so well crafted that they simply demand a response from the viewer; whether it’s a hearty laugh, a smile or just a thought provoking grin.” “I find this magic in all of his work,” adds Skillicorn

Burger King – Gasoline

Backyard EPs, Kris Mathur and Emily Malito, are equally excited to start working with Greg, whose comedy chops, optimism and natural instincts combine to serve as a perfect corner stone to the roster. “To describe Greg as just a comedy director is limiting.  Greg is a true comedic storyteller, incredibly intuitive and hardworking. He enjoys directing big productions like we do, but he is also more than willing to consider and offer up solutions for projects that are creatively interesting, yet financially challenging. Greg’s agency background helps him create a highly collaborative environment on set, which is evidenced by a high volume of repeat business,” asserts Mathur.  

RBC – The Break-up

Greg is already at work on his first Backyard project, his fifth celebrity- driven Head & Shoulders project with Saatchi & Saatchi NY