Little Fluffy Clouds designed and animated a new personal spokespiggy, Cashius for online financial advisor Personal Capital. When you need personal cash head to Personal Capital and ask for Cashius !

From LFC’s Betsy DeFries: The little guy who could zooming around on no less than a backdrop of pink clouds. Our kind of guy! One of the great things we at Little Fluffy Clouds love about working in animation is the infinite number of characters you get to develop and the infinite number of ways you get to bring those characters to life, imbuing each and every one with life-like expression and creative creature qualities. And even though Cashius is only on-screen for :15 seconds he has a presence that far outlives his brief moment on the stage.

And for all you aficionados of animation and how it’s done we created a unique lively and informative, making-of intro in front of the :15 second spot. Many making-of’s are fairly static and to be honest a little prosaic but this one is as fun as Cashius himself who cried out to have his heroic abilities lit up in an extra special way. This playful all-media spot was made for San Francisco’s own, Cabinet TV, an independent collective of minds and skillsets who love to hear and tell stories and exist to collaborate with their clients.