Enjoy this beautiful, interesting + imaginative new animated short film from director/partner Morgan Powell at SEED Animation London

A personal project 18 months in the making, Morgan Powell’s short film “Bubble” was originally inspired by the anxiety of a family medical prognosis but evolved over the course of production into something greater, and happier.

Morgan Powell, founder and CD at Seed Animation Studio in London: “Bubble came about because my partner and I were told by the midwife our second child may have complications, and we wouldn’t know for sure until she was born.

“For the next six months, I endured an overwhelming urge to swap places with our baby, and take on her pain so that she could be free from it. The idea for the film came from this, but the film is much more about curiosity and exploration, empathy and the unexpected.  My gorgeous girl Robin, not so baby anymore, turned out just fine.”




Writer / Director:  Morgan Powell
Sound Designer:  Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen
Composer:  Natalia Tsupryk