Terrific new work from our friends across the pond at

SEED Animation recently debuted a 30″ spot with agency Recipe to promote the UK launch of FREE NOW, Europes largest ride-hailing app.

Directed by Morgan Powell + Neil Kidney, the spot features a 50-foot woman rollerskating though London with a black cab on on foot, a private hire vehicle on the other. The treatment focused on the directors’ interpretation of freedom through cinematic postcards from the city, showing the benefits of using FREE NOW. Seed worked with a remote team of 16 artists from around the world over the course of an intense 7 weeks.

“It was important to create realistic and diverse snapshots of London for our hero to fall in love with. And whilst we made it in geometric and multifaceted CG, we softened it back down through the time of day and a warm colour palette,” said Morgan.

“It’s hard to miss the fact that the hero is a 50-foot woman gliding through London but we also wanted to make London itself a hero in the ad. We chose dynamic and iconic shots to give it a sense of energy and framed them in a way to show London at its best,” added Neil.


Client: FREE NOW

Agency: Recipe

Animation: SEED Animation Studio

Exec Producer: Neil Kidney

Storyboards: Andrew Hammond + Yohann Auroux

Design: Chris Tulloch McCabe + Georgi Georgiev

3D Artists: Adame Boutrif, Allan Ihsan, Christopher Banasko, Darren Cullis, Doug Kennedy, Erin Woodford, Jonathan Clark, Kornel Makarovicz, Matt Morris, Tammy Smith

Compositing: Jonny Ridge, Morgan Powell, Pavan Balsam

Here’s a frame under construction!