Rachel may be in Covid quarantine but esteemed client SHINE is here to make sure we keep her in mind. Check out the first of a trio of spots promoting MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show just dropping from Michael Riley, Bob Swensen + the team at Shine, who just keep getting it done, the pandemic be damned !

Michael writes: “In each spot, we wanted to create an elegant visual tapestry that shows the world, in small ways and in big ways, exhibiting a particular characteristic that exemplifies Rachel’s approach to seeking the truth. For instance, she always does her homework, so we show the world doing theirs. Some are simple, mundane moments or larger, profound moments, everyday people or famous people.

The McKinney team envisioned these with an elegant score or track, and high energy. Some shots are moments of levity. Some include new footage, licensed footage, texture shots, present-day, historical…however best captured the activity. Each spot concludes with a clip from one of Rachel’s shows, in which she asks a question that highlights the action that the front part of the spot is focused on.”

Agency: McKinney
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Cude
Group Creative Director: Will Chambliss
Group Creative Director: Jenny Nicholson
Art Director: Jamie Steentofte
Exec Producers: Naomi Newman + Brad Powell
Associate Producer: Taylor Osborne
Account Supervisor: Melanie Wallace

Production Company: Shine
Creative Director: Michael Riley
Exec Producer: Bob Swensen
Editor: Justine Gerenstein
Production Coordinator: Nick Riggs
Designer Animator: Young Kim
Designer Animator: Kate Mrozowski
Composer: Matt Fletcher