We’re very excited to officially add longtime friends, Donatello Arm, to our roster. Donatello is a global content producer, specializing in tabletop, providing cost effective creative + technology solutions for agencies and brands worldwide.

Featuring world class director/DP Avi Karpick, a proprietary robotic motion control system + the eponymous Donatello camera arm and cutting-edge shooting stages around the world, Donatello produces the entire range of tabletop content deliverables spanning high-end spots across food + liquids, fashion + accessories, automotive and lifestyle to high-volume / low-cost product shots in motion + stills for digital, social, web + broadcast.

And no matter if you’re shooting beautiful food, beverage, cosmetics or product spots with Avi or large content packages of product shots, demo sequences or social media content at their Atlanta stage within Eagle Rock Studios’ 470K sq foot facility, Donatello delivers deep cost efficiencies with high production value. They’re your one-stop shop for all things tabletop !

Here’s a selection of pieces from Donatello’s recent project for Hennessy Cognac, captured with the Donatello Arm system

Hennessy XXO Cognac
Richard Hennessy Cognac
James Hennessy Cognac

More recent work across liquids, perfume, financial services + food.

Creative Showreel
Barney Butter
GA-DE Cosmetics – Icon/Private 07
Laurel Road