We’re super excited to welcome director/DP/photographer Matt Uhry to the family.  He’s signed on with fave client Venice, CA content shop Rodeo Show  The signing comes on the heels of a collaboration between Rodeo Show and Uhry on a Fancy Feast campaign that launched this month.

Affectionately referred to as “The Animal Guy,” Uhry’s animal directorial experience stems from extensive study under animal behaviorists, as well as training and competing with beloved dogs of his own. With a dedication to crafting narratives grounded in reality, his work delivers a refreshing authenticity that brings to life cherished connections with animals and humans. Decades of work range from mammals to bird and reptile shooting for top brands including Netflix (and a Clio Award-winning tree frog), PetsMart, La Quinta, Meow Mix, Visit California, ASPCA and many more. His animal repertoire includes the aforementioned tree frog named Gerard, cats, leopards, grizzly bears, good dogs of all breeds, horses, dolphins, elephants, whales and bees.

Additional commercial work spans branded content documentary work and VFX for clients such as Ketel One, Lenovo, Sony and Intel. In combination with his broad skillset, Uhry’s nimble approach to production has proved to be an ideal model for pandemic production. Since restrictions have come into place, he has shot numerous projects, embracing the limitations as a creative challenge across both remote and in-person shoots.

Born and raised in Northern California, Uhry found his cinematic footing thanks to an aunt’s Super 8mm camera, discovered on a family trip when he was nine years old. A decade  later, he graduated to a Bolex under the tutelage of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage at University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied  for his BFA. A formative trip in his early twenties set the stage for his career, from living in Paris to hitchhiking through Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He cut his teeth as a Director of Photography on numerous short films and music videos, before segueing to shooting and directing his own commercials. He’s shot around the globe including in China, UK, Chile, Bolivia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam, UAE, Argentina, Portugal, India, Brazil, Cuba, France, Namibia, Thailand + Japan

Off-script, Uhry is a passionate foodie and cook known to stop a tech scout to hit an outlaw taco stand. Lately he’s been playing with a sous vide cooker and maybe eating a bit too much meat.

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